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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Alberta Health Card

To be seen at our clinic, you must provide the front desk with your Alberta Health Card or other valid provincial health care card. It is your responsibility to have valid health coverage and to carry proof of this coverage with you, or you will be charged the corresponding Alberta Health Services fee for your visit (generally between $37 and $60 for a basic visit). 

As there is no reciprocal healthcare arrangement with Quebec, Quebec healthcare card holders will be charged the scheduled fee and will be issued a receipt.

For more information on how to obtain an Alberta Health Card please visit the Alberta Health website.




What are the new clinic hours?

Our Walk-in Clinic is now open evenings and weekends. Our full clinic hours are as follows:

Family Practice

Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday 9am-4pm


Walk-in Clinic

Monday to Thursday 5pm-9pm

Friday 9am-noon

Saturday 10am-4pm

*We are CLOSED on Sundays and Statutory Holidays

When can I check in for walk-in services?

Evening Walk-in Clinic check-in starts at 4:30pm.

Friday Walk-in Clinic check-in starts at 8:30am.

Saturday Walk-in Clinic check-in starts at 9:45am.

Please DO NOT show up before the check-in time starts, you will not be placed in line until the start time. Our hallway is shared with other great businesses in town, and we do not want to clog up their entryways. 

Upon arrival at the Walk-In Clinic, please take a number and have a seat. If you have been to our clinic before, one of our team members will call out your number shortly. If you have not been to our clinic before, please grab a New Patient Form and fill it out while you wait. 

Once your number has been called we will book you in to see the doctor between the walk-in hours posted for the day. Please note that there is only one doctor working per walk-in shift, therefore the appointments fill quickly. 

Once your appointment is made you are welcome to leave the clinic until your allotted appointment time. 

Where is the clinic located?

Suite 212, 1240 Railway Avenue, Canmore, AB  T1W 1P4

- Located on 2nd level
- Accessible parking available
- Elevator access

Is Ridgeview Medical Centre a part of the Primary Care Network? 

Our clinic, as with all clinics in the Bow Valley, is a private organization, owned and operated by a group of family physicians. Our affiliation with the Primary Care Network (PCN) is that our physicians elect to be members of the Bow Valley PCN, providing collaboration and coordination of Primary Health initiatives and resources within our communities. This is different from the 'PCN Clinic' model that some may be familiar with in larger communities.


What should I bring with me to my doctor’s appointment?

If it is your first visit, you should bring your provincial health care card and photo ID. You should also be able to provide your mailing address, complete with postal code.

Can I book regular screening appointments, (e.g., Paps or STI screening) during walk-in clinic?

Pending available appointments, our physicians are generally able to perform procedures such as Paps or STI Tests for unassigned patients during same-day or walk-in clinic appointments. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide ‘general health checks’, ‘periodic health exams’, or ‘complete medicals’ for unassigned patients.

To ensure we are able to maintain reasonable wait times, we are only able to assist with individual point-of-care needs to a maximum of 1-2 concerns per appointment.

Will you call me regarding laboratory, radiological investigations or other test results?

As with any appointment, whether with your family doctor or as an unassigned patient, should there be a need, the physician who orders the investigations (or the locum covering for them, should one be in place at the time) will communicate with the patient regarding any necessary results follow up.

If you are waiting to be contacted and continue to experience symptoms or your condition worsens, please return to the clinic and book a follow-up appointment.

If an unassigned patient needs a follow-up appointment for further care, how can they book that appointment?

The patient is able to call or attend the clinic in-person to enquire about a same-day appointment. There is limited availability each day, so appointments book up quite quickly. If follow-up of a specific issue is required, the method of follow-up will be determined between the doctor and the patient at the time of the appointment.


Can I become a patient at the clinic?

For urgent matters, you can visit us during our walk-in hours: Monday to Thursday 5-9pm, Fridays 9am-noon and Saturdays 10am-4pm (excluding statutory holidays). Please note physicians are unable to perform complete medical exams or address multiple or complex issues at the Walk-in Clinic.

Ridgeview Medical Centre is working diligently to recruit new doctors. Please fill out our New Patient Form to be added to the waitlist for incoming physicians.

What is the difference between an unassigned patient and a walk-in patient?

They are one and the same. Unassigned patients are simply patients who are in our system (usually because they have attended the Walk-in Clinic, or have been seen as a family practice patient at our clinic in the past), but are not currently assigned to a family physician.

Do you see out-of-country patients?

Yes. Out-of-country patients are seen on a walk-in basis at a base rate of $175. Complex and/or multiple medical issues may incur additional fees. 

Do you offer phone consults or virtual care?

Yes, we do offer virtual care in the form of phone consults; however, there are limitations.  

1) You must be physically in Alberta at the time of your appointment; 

2) Virtual care is not covered by the reciprocal agreement between provinces - a fee will apply at the time of booking if you do not have valid Alberta Health coverage.  

While the options for virtual care were temporarily expanded during the pandemic, information received from both Alberta Health Care and the Canadian Medical Protective Association has confirmed that we are no longer able to offer virtual care to patients who are not physically located in Alberta at the time of their appointment. This includes clinic patients who may be temporarily out of the country or in another province.

Do you offer travel advice?

No. We are unable to provide travel advice. You may wish to speak to your pharmacist or visit the public health website for further information. Please note that travel-related appointments are uninsured services and are not payable by provincial healthcare. Fees apply. 

Do you attend to work related injuries?

Yes. Please inform the front desk staff that the injury is work-related BEFORE you see the doctor. You must provide the workplace address, phone number and basic information relating to the injury.


Do you accept out-of-province health care?

We accept all valid provincial health care (card must be presented at the time of booking), with the exception of Quebec. Quebec does not participate in the reciprocal inter-provincial health care agreement. As such, residents of Quebec must pay a base fee at each appointment. A receipt will be issued that can then be submitted to Quebec Health Care for reimbursement.

Do you accept travel insurance for out-of-country patients?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to direct bill to your travel insurance. 


Ridgeview Medical Centre is a teaching site for residents and students from the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine.

It is an honour and a privilege to be asked to help train the doctors of the future.

What is a resident? 

A resident is a doctor who has finished medical school and is taking extra training to specialize. They work under the supervision of a licensed physician for two additional years before beginning to practice Family Medicine independently. Residents can order tests, write prescriptions, and manage most cases on their own, but may ask the licensed physician for help with difficult cases.

What is a Clinical Clerk? 

A clinical clerk is a medical student who is in their final year of medical school. Clinical Clerks will do placements in various specialties throughout their final year of schooling, prior to graduating and entering the residency program for their chosen specialty. Clinical placements are especially important for clerks, allowing them to gain hands-on patient care experience.

Clinical Clerks may initiate your appointment, but you will always be seen by a licensed physician prior to your appointment ending. 

What does this mean for you? 

Occasionally, your physician will have a doctor-in-training working under his or her supervision. The staff will inform you of this when you are shown to an examination room. If you do not wish to be seen by the doctor-in-training, just let a staff member know. Your comfort is our priority.

The doctor-in-training will ALWAYS review your condition and treatment plan with your doctor. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding medical students, feel free to ask your physician.