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Medical Students at Ridgeview

Ridgeview Medical Centre is a teaching site for residents and students from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary.  It is an honour and a privilege to be asked to help train the doctors of the future. Alberta has a shortage of rural doctors, and we hope to provide a positive experience in Canmore, encouraging young, talented doctors to consider careers in rural communities. This teaching relationship is beneficial to everyone at Ridgeview, with students challenging us to learn and improve throughout our careers....

What is a “Resident”?
A resident is a doctor who has finished medical school and is taking extra training to specialize. They work under the supervision of a licensed physician for two additional years before beginning to practice Family Medicine independently. Residents can order tests, write prescriptions, and manage most cases on their own, but may ask the licensed physician for help with difficult cases.

What is a “Clinical Clerk”?
A clinical clerk is a student in their final year of medical school, and is sometimes referred to as a “student intern”. They cannot write prescriptions or order tests without supervision of your doctor, but they are already well trained to do physical examinations and minor procedures.

What does this mean for you?
Occasionally, your physician will have a doctor-in-training working under his or her supervision. The staff will inform you of this when you are shown to an examination room. If you do not wish to be seen by the doctor-in-training, just let a staff member know. Your comfort is our priority.

The doctor-in-training will ALWAYS review your condition and treatment plan with your doctor. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding medical students, feel free to ask your physician.


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