Cancelled or missed appointments


At Ridgeview Medical Centre we realize your time is valuable, and we work hard to see patients as scheduled. We very much appreciate the same consideration in return.

Should you miss an appointment without providing 24 hours notice, a $50 fee will apply. For for more complex appointments such as procedures, medical exams or consultations, the missed appointment fee is $100.

Further appointments will not be booked until outstanding invoices are settled.


Consider the impacts:

In order to keep our schedule on time and prevent long wait times, we do not double-book appointment times.  If you miss your appointment, or cancel at the last minute; patients are turned away that could otherwise have been seen.

Physicians read charts and prepare for your visit prior to the appointment. In some cases rooms and equipment are prepped.  Missed appointments contribute to clinic inefficiencies, which in turn impacts staff availability and wait times.

To cancel an appointment during office hours please contact our office on 403-609-8333, ext. 4.

For after hours cancellations, please use the after hours voicemail at 403-609-9596.